What is a Boulden Brothers One Price System?

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You may have heard about Boulden Brothers’ one price system, which probably gives you more than one question in your mind, and to get those answers for you we’ve got John Rivers who’s a project manager with Boulden Brothers with us.

Learn about the Boulden One Price System:

Hi Charlie, I’m happy to.

All right. Now my understanding is your one price Boulden Brother system is 7983. What’s included in all that?

Well it’s a lot actually. We send a qualified project manager out to our homeowners and they do an assessment of the full system in their home. We don’t just assume that what’s currently in place is the right size, so it takes into account how the house is built, windows, doors, insulation values. We look at the duct work, we look at the gas line, the electrical requirements, and they are trained to know all the installation guidelines and all the code requirements for safety of how to put a new system in properly. So once that is completed, we’ll know exactly how much heat the house loses in the winter time, how much heat is entering the house during the summertime, and using that data we can properly size the system for best comfort and best reliability.

Well that answers one of the questions I have. Just looking at this is like how can I know I’m getting enough system for my house?

And that’s exactly the steps we take for that reason. We’re not going to guess. It’s not good business. And once we know the right size, we install it with a set of qualified installers that have been doing this for years and years. So it really use a great value.

So for 7983 what exactly am I buying?

You get a brand new furnace, you get a brand new air conditioner with a matching certified AHRI coil which just means you’re getting what you pay for. All the efficiency specs and the design of the output is accurate for the house. It is a fully registered system so you get a full 10 years parts and labor warranty with the equipment installation. And we bring everything up to code for you for safety. So it’s about properly hooking into the duct system and making sure everything is sealed. It’s the gas line connections, the condensate lines. A lot of modifications have to be made to get people in good standing with these new system requirements.

What about financing on something like this? I mean, nobody plans to replace their HVAC system.

That’s true. It’s one of those appliances that can fail at any time and the older they get, the more likely they are prone to breaking down. So we do offer a flexible payment plan. You could get a full system installed with nothing out of pocket for a little less than $110.00 A month.

What is the difference between your one price system and a regular typical installation?

Well, there’s a lot that’s included with installs and while every house is different, we make sure that regardless of what size the house needs, you’re going to get that 7983 price. There’s no hidden fees or costs. The installation is extremely comparable to any of our other installs where we’re not cutting corners. We’re always going to make sure the job is done right and while we do offer the 7983, there’s a whole line of products that we offer for homeowners that are looking for something different. So you do have all those options.

Such as?

High efficiency systems that go beyond the norm that are designed to handle certain homes differently. There are a lot of different technology pieces out there that you can invest in if you want certain accessories that help protect the system that you want to help clean the air. We offer a little bit of everything and we just leave that to the homeowners to design their own system with us. We’ll put in whatever they want us to.

But if all I want is the 7983 system, that’s what I can get.

That’s what we’ll install. That choice is yours. Absolutely.

A price like that may make you wonder, is there, this is a bait and switch, and I’m going to come in and you’re going to offer this, but I’m going to really want something else?

No, not at all. We have dozens and dozens of homeowners a year taking advantage of this promotion. It’s not something we offer year round. We have a longstanding relationship with our distributors and our manufacturers with the brands that we use and we get great buying costs. So when we can offer this, I’d recommend a jump on it.

Now if you come out to do the 7983 system and we get talking about some of those other accessories and you know, indoor air quality and things like that, that’s something that can be added to it if I want them.

Oh absolutely. And it doesn’t have to be with the install. Most of the things that we offer, you can add at any period of time. We may just offer it at a slightly lower cost because we’re already out there doing the installation and it’s convenient for everybody.

So I can get a complete new system in my house for 7983. It’s 10 year warranty complete, brings my system up to code and I can finance it too.

That’s correct. It includes everything. It’s the permits, it’s the installation, the labor, the materials. If our project managers miss anything while we’re out at the house that’s on Boulden, there’s no hidden fees or costs during the entire process.

That is a Boulden Brothers promise that the price we quote is the price you pay at the end, even if more work is needed.

And that’s always been that way.

John, thanks a lot for helping us out today.

No it was my pleasure.

If you’d like to learn more about this one price 7983 replacement system, just go to bouldenbrothers.com/replace.