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Wilmington, DE

Plumbing Services from Boulden

Sometimes we forget about our plumbing systems’ importance until we wake up one morning and discover a problem. You can plan for plumbing needs by getting to know our team at Boulden Brothers. Founded in 1946, we are one of the Wilmington area’s oldest and most trusted family-owned plumbers. We have spent many years learning what homeowners need from their plumbing company, and it boils down to keeping our word and providing excellent plumbing services. When you call us, we will be there, and your problem will be fixed, guaranteed. Keeping water from going where it shouldn’t go is not an easy task. Even the slightest imperfections in your plumbing can lead to devastating leaks. Plumbing repairs can range from minor problems like a dripping faucet to leaks below your foundation. We are always on hand to fix your garbage disposal, toilets, plumbing fixtures, and hidden leaks. When you call us for a repair service, you can be confident in our ability to quickly fix your system without waiting for service or being overcharged.

Water Treatment Services

Water that goes untreated in your home can taste unpleasant can leave mineral residue on your fixtures that can be difficult to remove. It may also have a negative impact on your health. We provide a range of different treatment solutions for Wilmington homes, including localized treatment for drinking water only and whole-home water treatment to purify all of the water that comes into your house.

Drain & Sewer Installation, Repair

One of the most important things we do at Boulden Brothers is to install drainage and sewer lines. These systems are crucial, and even the most minor flaws can lead to catastrophic problems. When we install or repair your drainage pipe and sewer lines, you will have the confidence that your pipes will be adequately laid and sufficiently pitched and that they will work well for years to come.

Water Heater Installation

Your water heater needs to be in perfect condition to properly heat your water and deliver it in sufficient quantities to your taps and appliances. You can achieve this through our repair, installation, and maintenance services at Boulden Brothers. Whether you have a traditional unit or an electric tankless water heater, we have the expertise to service your system.

Repiping Services

If you have galvanized pipes, repiping services from “plumbers near me” may have been on your mind for some time. Repiping is generally needed when there are multiple problems across your whole system. New pipes can give you better water pressure, cleaner water, fewer clogs and leaks, and a more reliable system overall. We are here to help you decide between copper and plastic pipes and perform the actual installation with care.

Sump Pumps

Many homes in Wilmington are susceptible to flooding during the wettest season. Keeping water out of your basement is an essential task. Sump pumps turn on automatically when water levels get too high, and they pump water away from your home. At Boulden Brothers, we can help set up a system that suits you, with primary, backup, and battery backup sump pumps.

Drain Cleaning Services

It has happened to almost everyone: you host a large party, and a few extra scraps of food find their way down the drain. Soon, you are waking up to a clogged kitchen sink, a foul smell, and a big problem. When this happens, call Boulden Brothers for our to unclog drain services. Even the most significant clogs are no match for our team. We use the best methods to diagnose the problem and fix it accurately. We are excited to offer video camera inspections that can find everything from root invasions to hairline leaks within a short time. If you are tired of trying to fix the problem on your own, we are just a phone call away.

Trust The Experience at Boulden Brothers

There is no problem with 75 years of experience that we have not seen and fixed many times already. Every service that we provide is backed up with our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed commitment, so you never have to worry about paying for an unsatisfactory product. For the best service in Wilmington, call Boulden Brothers today.


Boulden Brothers believes in building lasting relationships. That’s why our clean, screened, trained, and trusted professionals arrive when promised—and do only the work that’s needed for an up-front, no-surprise price. It’s why we can confidently say “You Call. We Come. It’s Fixed. Guaranteed.”


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