Propane Safety

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Out of Gas Policy / Interruption of Service

The National Fuel Gas Code and our insurance provider mandate that a system leak test must be performed if you run out of propane. These regulations are designed to protect customers that may run out of propane due to a leak in the piping system. Boulden Brothers performs leak tests on all out of gas systems.
Leak test procedures require turning off all propane appliances and leak testing the piping system. We will need access to the inside of your home to perform the work and someone must be present to sign the Out-of-Gas record. Either the delivery driver or a service technician will perform the leak test and if you are a ‘Will-Call’ customer, you will be charged accordingly for the service time.
To avoid this costly and inconvenient process, please be sure to order a propane delivery when your gauge is no lower than 20%, or inquire about the possibility of having your tank filled automatically. Automatic tank fills can be tailored to accommodate most credit- approved customers. We encourage you to consider our automatic delivery program to avoid an out-of-gas situation.
For those customers with intermittent use (ie: fireplaces, gas logs, space heaters, pool heaters, or generators), we can offer automatic delivery with the use of a tank monitoring system. The tank monitors are now available for a low fee of $9/month and come with a no run-out guarantee. Call us for more details on this program, or to sign up.

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