Wireless Tank Monitors

Propane Tank Monitors:

Boulden Brothers Propane offers ‘intermittent use’ customers a convenient way to ensure their propane supply when they need it the most. A Wireless Tank Monitoring System offers an accurate and cost effective means of monitoring the level of propane in your tank.
The tank monitor sends a radio frequency signal to a gateway that is installed inside your home or office, which is tied to a telephone line. The controller calls out on a daily basis, when your line is not in use, updating the reading from your gauge in our state of the art dispatching software.
Subscribers will also have a convenient digital read out on the gateway, which allows for them to monitor their tanks level from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to go outside to check it in foul weather.
Which customers would this benefit the most? We can install the monitoring system on any style of account; however, the following types of usage will benefit the most:
*Pool Heaters & Spas *Heat Pump Back Up Systems
*Fireplaces/Gas Logs *Space Heaters
*Vacation Homes *Generators
The program is inexpensive and easy to enroll in. Here’s how it works:
There is no cost for the installation of the equipment. There is a $6 per month fee to use the equipment. There is a monthly monitoring fee of $3. Best of all, it comes with our ‘No Run-Out’ Guarantee! If you do run out of gas due to our negligence, we will credit your account for a YEAR’S worth of FREE GAS, up to $500.
Call, (302) 368-2553, to begin enjoying the added comfort that Boulden Brothers Propane has to offer.