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Please let us know when you are moving:
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When do I notify Boulden that I’m moving?

You should notify your propane supplier as soon as you know the date of your move.  Ideally we will transfer the existing Service and Equipment agreement into the new property owner’s name without interrupting the gas service. If you are on the preferred payment plan, the account will be reconciled and any balances will either be refunded, or billed at that time.

What is a tank reading and what does it accomplish?

A tank reading is a free service provided by Boulden Brothers and serves to document the amount and value of the gas in the propane tank at the time of settlement. Because the gas in the tank has already been purchased, the seller will more than likely want to be reimbursed by the buyer at the time of settlement.

Who owns the tank on my property?

Typically Boulden Brothers maintains ownership and liability of the propane tank. If the property owner has purchased the tank then a copy of the bill of sale should be retained, as this proves ownership. Whoever owns the tank has the responsibility of maintaining it. It is illegal for propane gas companies to fill another gas company’s tank, so if you’ve purchased your tank, be sure to retain proof of ownership.


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