Boulden Brothers Propane's Budget Plan

Boulden Brothers Propane offers our Budget Plan to help spread your propane bills out over 12 months, rather than concentrate them during the heating season. The following is a list of the plans benefits and conditions of enrollment:


  • Payments for your propane deliveries are spread out conveniently over 12 months
  • Monthly statements show payment due plus all activity and current account balances
  • No finance charges accrued on balances due as long as payments are current
  • Plan automatically renews every year
  • 6% interest paid on budget balances


  • Your credit-approved account must be on automatic delivery and propane must be your main heat source
  • Regular monthly payments are necessary to remain on the plan
  • At the end of your plan year, all balances are due in full
  • Credit balances are carried over to reduce next season’s payments or can be refunded upon request
  • Payment plans are subject to review and monthly payment amounts may be adjusted during the plan year to reflect actual usage and current propane prices
  • If account or payment plan is cancelled, account balance is due in full within 20 days

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