Outlets and GFCI

Electrical outlets & GFCI circuits done the right way

You rely on outlets and switches throughout your home. What you may not know is how powerful or potentially dangerous they can be. That’s why we recommend an Boulden Brothers Electrical Safety Check.
Over time, connections to plugs and switches can become loose with use, creating potential hazards. If a switch or plug is warm to the touch, you have a problem. Discoloration is another tell-tale sign of growing problems signaling time to call a trusted Boulden Brothers licensed electrician.

GFCI outlets for safety

Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s) help protect you against shock and possible electrocution. When a GFCI device senses a difference in the flow of electricity passing through it, power is cut off. Detecting these “leaks” keeps you safe.
Outlets near water should be GFCI’s. So should any exterior outlets around you home. Using them in a child’s room is another wise investment in safety.

Electrical Safety Checks

We can’t emphasize enough the danger of poorly maintained or corroded switches and outlets represent to your home. Schedule a Boulden Brothers electrical safety check to make sure your New Castle & Southern Chester Counties, DE & Cecil County, MD home is safe.