New Wiring and Rewiring

New wiring and rewiring: a Boulden Brothers Electrical specialty

If the electrical panel is the heart of an electrical system, the veins are all the wires running through your home. Wiring delivers power where you need it. Just like plumbing, though, it’s an out-of-sight, out-of-mind part of your home that’s only noticed when it fails to perform. Helping keep your “veins” flowing as needed is a specialty of our Boulden Brothers licensed electricians.

New wiring brings power where its needed

There are any number of reasons to add new wiring to your home:

  • Added outlets: If you use an extension cord regularly, you probably need an added outlet. We can add them, even in hard-to-reach places.
  • Basement wiring: Thinking about finishing your basement? We can design and install lighting, outlets, cable tv and telephone wiring.
  • Hot Tub/Spa Electric: We can run new wires and add a GFCI circuit to keep it safe.

Have another need for new wiring? Boulden Brothers licensed electricians can handle it.

Three reasons to consider rewiring your home

Chances are your home’s electrical system doesn’t need rewiring. Age of the wiring, its condition and safety of the home are factors our licensed electricians use to determine if rewiring is necessary. If, for instance, your home has cloth or aluminum wiring or lacks a grounding system, its likely you should consider rewiring.

The primary benefits of rewiring are safety, comfort and resale value. Rewiring removes any doubt your home is safe. Rewiring also adds the comfort of added outlets, lighting and other updated functionality. Finally, a rewired home can demand a higher resale value.

Are you right for rewiring?

Get a Boulden Brothers home electrical safety check first. Our licensed electricians will inspect your system, evaluate its condition and provide you with detailed recommendations. As with any other Boulden Brothers service, we won’t start until you’re satisfied with our recommendation and price.