Home Safety Inspections

Protect your family with a Electrical Home Safety Checkup

Electrical Home Safety Inspection

Your electrical system, like any other system, experiences degraded performance with use over time. While a breakdown of your air conditioner might leave you uncomfortable, problems with your electrical system could pose life-threatening dangers.

Keep your home and family safe

Boulden Brothers Electrical Home Safety Inspection for homes in New Castle & Southern Chester Counties, DE & Cecil County, MD, are included in our club membership program. Our licensed electrician will check:

  • Main Panel Boards: Inspect Electrical Panel/Load Center to ensure the wire connections are properly torqued; check breakers for proper buss bar connection; identify hot spots on breakers and connections
  • GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter): Inspect all receptacles needing GFCI protection
  • Receptacles (Interior): Inspect receptacles for reverse polarity, missing ground and correct wiring.
  • Receptacles (Exterior): Inspect exterior receptacles for proper GFCI protection and cover protection
  • Smoke Detectors: Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation; replace batteries if needed
  • Lighting: Conduct visual inspection of all lighting fixtures
  • Security Lighting: Inspect security lighting installed on your home
  • Timers: Check time setting and correct for daylight savings time if needed.
  • Surge Protection: Inspect surge protection.

Electrical Home Safety Checkups save money

Not only do these checkups help keep you safe, they can save you money as well. While inspecting your home’s entire electrical system, our electricians will point out any potential energy saving recommendations as well.