When lights go off a backup generator means your life goes on

Blackouts. There’s nothing like the silence when power goes out in your home. That surprise is soon replaced by anxiety; when will the lights come back on. If you have a backup generator from Boulden Brothers Electric, your lights will always come back on in less than a minute—and they’ll stay on.

A backup generator means life uninterrupted

Boulden Brothers Electric installs backup generators that automatically sense when there’s a loss of power. In a split second, your backup generator comes to life, lights flicker back on and your life continues—uninterrupted. It’s a great feeling. Whether the power is out for a few minutes, hours or even longer, your natural gas or propane backup generator means no worries about power or refueling.

Boulden Brothers makes backup power easy

We handle all the details. From sizing the generator to meet your specific needs, to conducting a tutorial once its installed. Our licensed electricians are specially trained to handle the detailed installation process. Once installed, our Boulden Brothers backup generator experts will even provide you with a tutorial on your generators operation.