Boulden Brothers Are Best for Propane

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Boulden Brothers offers all the components your home needs for propane. We do construction and retrofitting of gas lines, gas logs, propane for cooking, and above or underground tanks. We are also a full service provider, offering maintenance of the entire propane system. All of our technicians are NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) Certified. In addition, we conduct weekly training and safety meetings so we can continue to provide outstanding service. Our goal is to make it so our customers don’t even have to think about us. We want propane to be delivered early, so there’s absolutely no concern of running out.

We can reliably predict the amount of propane a homeowner will use for cases like home heating, water heating, or cooking. We have a degree day system that uses average temperature combined with any non-heat usage. In some use cases, such as for heat pump backup or generator pool heat, we can’t predict when or how much gas will be used. In those instances, we can install wireless tank monitors or simply have the homeowner give us a call when the propane level reaches about 30 percent.

We try to schedule a delivery so the tank will be refilled when it reaches between 20 and 25 percent. If a customer wants us to refill the tank when it is completely depleted, national code requires us to perform a leak check on the system. We will perform the leak check for customers who are signed up for automatic delivery at no additional charge. For customers on will call, there is a nominal fee.

Because propane prices fluctuate, every year we give our customers some convenient options to protect from the unlikely event that propane prices increase dramatically. We offer a pre-buy plan where some or all of the estimated propane use for the winter can be purchased in advance. We also offer a fixed price plan with a small enrollment fee. The price is locked in for a 12 month period, no matter how much or how little propane is used during that time. We also offer a budget payment plan where the annual household’s fuel cost is estimated and divided across 12 monthly payments. This allows costs to be evenly spread across the year instead of becoming high only during the winter months.

Boulden Brothers and the Ronald McDonald House

Several years ago, our mom was celebrating her fifth year breast cancer-free. To celebrate, we painted a propane truck pink and donated a penny for every gallon of propane sold to the American Cancer Society (around $5,000 a year on average). The truck was ready to be turned over in the fleet, and as a result we are very excited to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House.

When my son was in the hospital with pneumonia some time back, we were able to witness the support that the Ronald McDonald House gave to the family members of ill children. We are continuing our tradition by giving a penny per gallon sold to the Ronald McDonald House. In fact, with your help, we recently gave them a check for over $5,900.

We look forward to providing your home with propane and donating a portion of the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House. If you would like to learn more about the propane services offered by Boulden Brothers, give us a call today.