Hockessin, Delaware

If you have an emergency unit repair or are just needing a regular maintenance check on your home systems, Boulden Brothers is here to assist. Issues with any system can put a strain on a household. It’s important to get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible. When an emergency happens, you want a reliable and timely repair service. Our professional and experienced technicians are ready to help with emergency repairs and routine maintenance to make sure your home is meeting your needs.
Regular check-ups on your home systems can help prevent major problems from occurring. Whether it is an air conditioning unit, a furnace, or a water heater, it creates a significant disruption to a family’s routine when one of these fails. Read more below on how Boulden Brothers can serve your home’s various systems.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Living without air conditioning or heating when you really need it is uncomfortable at best and deadly at worst. Usually, you want these systems repaired quickly, as they always seem to fail at the worst times. Luckily, Boulden Brothers offers 24/7 emergency services for air conditioning repair, so you don’t have to worry about suffering through the weekend or even the night wondering what could be wrong. Furnace repair is another area of expertise held by our technicians, and they can even help you choose a new unit when it is time to replace yours. Besides repair and installation, our service technicians can assist with regular maintenance to prolong the life of your units and ensure they are running efficiently throughout the year.

Water Heater

Water heaters are machines that need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them performing well. Even a small amount of minerals or other deposits can build up over time and cause the machine to quickly wear out. Leaks, loud noises, and lack of hot water always warrant a closer look by a professional. A water heater’s typical lifespan is 8-12 years. If your machine is nearing the upper end of that range, it may be time to look at a new unit sooner rather than later. Our water heater replacement service can help you decide between electric, gas, solar, or tankless systems, as well as which model and size are best for your home. When your water heater does finally quit, you will know which new unit you want and can quickly replace it.


Besides water heaters, we can also help with your plumbing needs. Whether you need to install all new pipes or your sink has sprung a leak, our technicians are trained in it all. Plumbing issues generally require the services of a skilled technician. Boulden plumbing can help save you multiple trips to the hardware store and a major headache by quickly completing the job and doing it right the first time. We not only fix the present issue, but we also make sure it can’t come back any time soon.


Electric work is another area best left to skilled professionals. One wrong move could put your home or yourself in danger. To avoid any unnecessary risk, Boulden Brothers electric is here to help with your electrical needs. We can help with electrical device installation, whole home rewiring, electrical safety inspections, light fixture installation, and more. If you are remodeling a portion of your home or completing an addition, we can install the new electric wiring for you. No job is too big or too small for our trained technicians.


Many homes are using propane for various home systems. Gas stoves, grills, dryers, and home heating can be powered with propane. If you are considering a propane tank installation, or you need to service your current tank, Boulden propane can help. We offer automatic deliveries and online payment options so servicing your tank is quick and easy. You can set your service schedule depending on the size of your tank and how often it is used to power your systems. Using the same company to service your propane tank and your other systems make maintenance and service seamless.
When it comes to your home systems, Boulden Brothers is ready to serve. If you live in the Hockessin area and are needing repair work or regular maintenance is done on your units, give us a call. Our professional and skilled technicians know how important these systems can be to a family’s daily routine. Don’t get caught off-guard during an emergency. We are here 24/7 to help!