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How to Get a Job at Boulden Brothers

How to Get a Job at Boulden Brothers

Episode Transcript:

  • Tim, who is a fit for Boulden Brothers?
  • Well, let me answer that a little bit differently. I think it’s very important for our clients to know that if we’re not going to send a technician to our house, we’re not going to send it in anybody’s house. The bar that we’ve set is to make sure that they are good enough to go to my mother’s or my grandmother’s house or my house, and if they’re not, we’re not going to send them anywhere. It takes a special person and obviously they have to have the same care commitment and concern for our clients that all of our techs have had, but they also need to be able to pass all the background tests that we think are important, namely, a criminal background check and a drug screen to make sure that they are the type of people that we’re comfortable sending into anyone’s home.
  • What kind of skills does somebody need to be on the Boulden Brothers team? I mean, and I’m not just talking about necessarily the technical skills, but I mean what kind of mindset do you need to be successful?
  • We think the most important thing to be successful at Boulden Brothers is your attitude. When you have the same caring heart and commitment to our clients that we have, you’re going to be successful. We have people that come in with lots of experience that have those traits and are very successful. We also have people that have that positive attitude that don’t yet have those skills. With our comprehensive training program, we will make sure that they are ready and prepared to take care of any problem that you’ll be having in your home.
  • Let’s say I decided that this sounds like a good opportunity for me. What can I expect when I come to apply?
  • First of all, you’ll usually talk to Carol, and she’s wonderful. She’s our team-builder and she explains the opportunities that are available at Boulden Brothers. Then, it’s a rigorous onboarding process if we think that you’ll be a good fit for our team as well as all the training that I spoke about earlier.
  • Rigorous, you’re not talking Navy Seal rigorous, right?
  • Nothing underwater.
  • Okay, fair enough. All right. Then you did mention that you’re going to have to pass a background check. I assume one of those things, you need a clean driving record.
  • We do need a clean driving record because a lot of their time is spent driving between calls, so we want to make sure that if you’re not our client, you’re still safe if there’s a Boulden Brothers tech around.
  • Once you pass the background check, once you seem to have the qualities of the kind of person that fits on the Boulden Brothers team and you’re hired, what is possible, Tim, for somebody joining the Boulden Brothers team? How far can they go?
  • We want that decision to be made by people that are coming onto the team. If it’s ultimately their goal to own their own HVAC plumbing or electric business, we would like to help them get their license. If it is to be able to spend more time with their family or to take a family vacation or buy a new car, all those are great goals that we’ve helped people achieve. We think that that’s important for the new people on our team to know that whatever your goals are, whatever’s ever important to you is going to be important to us as well.
  • You expect your team members to be focused on the customer. Meanwhile, you’re focused on the team members, helping them accomplish what’s important to them.
  • That’s exactly right. If the team is happy to be working with us, they’re going to be happy when they get into the home. If they’re not, if they’re miserable with the place that they’re having to go to work, it’s really hard to be cheerful and also sharing the care and commitment that we have while they’re in the home.
  • I imagine it makes itself pretty clear pretty quick when somebody comes along who’s not a fit.
  • It does, and it also is why our people stay with us for so long, because when they are a fit, they find a home.
  • Do I need a lot of experience, Tim? We touched on it briefly earlier, but if I’m somebody who’s relatively good with my hands and I’ve never once touched an electrical or plumbing or HVAC system, is it possible to start by coming to work at Boulden Brothers?
  • It sure is. We can get the people the technical experience, the customer service experience, help people purchase the tools that are necessary. If someone has desire to get into the trades, they should be giving us a call.
  • It can be a great job, a super career, possibly even a pathway to owning your own business. It’s up to you to decide what you want to accomplish. Fair enough, Tim? Does that sound about right?
  • That’s exactly right.
  • Sounds like a great opportunity. Tim, thanks for filling us in.
  • Thanks, Charlie.
  • Learn more about the career opportunities here at Boulden Brothers by visiting the careers section.


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